Small Business, Contracts & Debt Collection Attorney

We can assist you with the advice and recommendations that you need when you decide to start your own small business. We will work with you to choose whether a sole proprietorship, LLC or S Corporation is the right entity, work with you to get the correct small business forms filed with the Secretary of State's Office, assist you in any small business administration that you need, work with you through the challenges of buying or selling a small business, and prepare Buy-Sell Agreements for business succession planning. We can also assist with reviewing and drafting contracts, waiver of liability forms and other necessary business documents. We will make sure to understand the nuances of your business and work with you to provide the protections that you need.

We also assist with the collection of debts, under $7,000.00, owed to your or your small business. We will work with you through the collection process, and assist you with the filing of Court action should it become necessary.