Practice Areas, Legal Services & Fees

We provide our clients with as much or as little legal assistance as they need, assisting clients from beginning to end, or with just the parts that the clients request.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning & Medicaid

Attorney Burnham has extensive experience with preparation of Last Wills & Testaments, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Living Trust creation and administration, and with the Probate of Estates. A complete estate plan will include at least a Last Will & Testament to control the passing of your assets to your loved ones, Powers of Attorney to allow for you to choose who will assist you in the event that you are injured or incapacitated, and a Living Will so that you can make the decision about your end of life care. Read more »

Probate Court, Estates & Guardianships

Attorney Burnham will work with you and your family through the steps of Probate Court. She can assist you through the probate court process of transferring assets to the rightful heirs of a Last Will & Testament, and work with you through an estate that may not have a Will and instead use the New Hampshire Intestacy Laws. Attorney Burnham can advise you on the steps, assist you with the forms and documents that need to be filed in the probate court, and work with you to make sure that all of the loose ends of the probate estate are tied up. Read more »

Small Business, Contracts & Debt Collection

We can assist you with the advice and recommendations that you need when you decide to start your own small business. We will work with you to choose whether a sole proprietorship, LLC or S Corporation is the right entity, work with you to get the correct small business forms filed with the Secretary of State’s Office, assist you in any small business administration that you need, work with you through the challenges of buying or selling a small business, and prepare Buy-Sell Agreements for business succession planning. Read more »

Real Estate

Attorney Burnham can assist you in all aspects of your real estate matters. From preparing Purchase and Sale Contracts, reviewing real estate documents, handling real estate title searches, and real estate closings, we will be able to make sure your purchase or sale goes smoothly. Read more »

Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

In this difficult economy it is necessary for some people to seek assistance in managing their debt, and in some cases to start over. In the United States, 1 in 3 adults are estimated to have an account "in collections". We can assist you in strategies to eliminate medical, credit card and other debt that may make it impossible for you to pay for your everyday expenses. We can work with you to stop foreclosure and to consolidate debt. In most cases you can keep your home, cars, retirement accounts and other personal property. Read more »


Mediation is a process in which people come together to work out the solution to their problem with the assistance of another person who remains neutral and whose only goal is to help the people come to an agreement that they can all live with. There is no Court or Judge to tell you what you will do, instead you can control the outcome, creating a flexible and unique solution that will be specific to your circumstances. Attorney Burnham is a trained mediator, and can assist you in working through your legal issues and in formalizing any agreements that you reach with mediation.


Fees are charged hourly or on a fixed fee basis depending on the services being provided. We will do our best to give you an estimate of the costs of your legal matter upon your request.